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Sara quin dating

When their school tries to ban baggy pants because of the ridiculous notion that it leads to gang culture, the twins launched a protest.

"We let a few friends listen to it, and the response was really positive.

We let a few more friends hear it, and before we knew it, we were making cassettes in our radio broadcasting class and selling them in the hallways between classes." 1997 to 1998 The twins' cousin enters them in "Garage Warz," a college battle of the bands in Calgary.

According to a 2011 Q&A on their site, Tegan says their parents separate when they are four and divorce within the following two years.

They see their father on weekends, and maintain a close relationship with both, but there's still some complicated fallout.

"I started composing on the piano, and I had been classically trained for eight years, so I didn't feel comfortable expressing myself outside of the classical genre.

We had this guitar in our house and I started sneaking it into my room and writing, and Sara had the same instinct." In a 2013 interview with , Sara credits a fellow Canadian for empowering her to get up on stage.

She sees former Calgarian Leslie Feist onstage with her punk band and realizes that "maybe normal people can make music.

That people just aren't born Annie Lennox." They call themselves Plunk, and, according to are "high-achieving burnouts" who drink, smoke pot, and drop acid, babysitting each other through their trips. "We started to explore writing together and recording each other," Tegan tells .

They were really resistant at first, but then they came around." According to as Sara and Tegan.

It's a folk album with plenty of spiky attitude and crunchy, earnest social consciousness, acoustic guitar and heart-bursting harmonies.

"We had no fear, even though we thought we sucked, and things just started happening.

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