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It always has some great special going and the staff are very informative about the wines.

All creating their own unique luxurious flavors, and you get to taste all of them. After a massive redevelopment in 2014, this market now hosts the 50 top creators and producers in Brighton.

A massive open space adjacent and above the low-hanging limestone cliffs. Also great for walking and pay a visit to the nearby lovely lighthouse.

Feeling like a nice relaxing stroll with amazing scenery? Beautiful for hiking, biking or just taking out the kids.

There are cottages on the island if you would like to spend a few nights, as well as an amazing café to grab something to eat. For the rainy days, there is an indoor play area with picnic tables and lots to keep the kids busy.

Considering that you are so close to France, why not take a ferry to enjoy a lovely Holiday in there?

You can get anything from nutritious foods and products, to some locally designed fashion, crafts, jewelry, and furniture.

So if you are just looking to browse through some creative goods, or feeling like a healthy meal, this market is definitely for you.

It is now a wildlife sanctuary and inhabited by one of the last red squirrel colonies in Britain. With super friendly staff always willing to help, your children can take ponies for a walk, ride mini tractors, feed the goats or just take a walk in the woodlands to stretch your legs and enjoy nature.