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When you are confident that you have never given your man a reason to wonder whether or not you’ve been faithful, give him an opportunity to fully explain his tirades.

But that’s not all: Brown told Hot 97 in October that he is sitting on about 800 unreleased tracks. Though it’s billed as a Christmas project, only the track “X-Mas” explicitly refers to the holiday, so don’t expect any jingle bell–rockin' on this one.

Similar to women, men experience emotional spells that don’t always parallel the immediate circumstances and situations that plague their lives.

Instead of being bold enough to tell you that he’s unhappy, interested in someone else or wanting to move on beyond the relationship, he elects to pick fights.

These arguments and heated conversations then give him an excuse to suddenly leave the house, stay out all night or be short in his responses and explanations.

Ka’oir told Ka’oir stayed with Mane throughout his most recent stint in prison, for a highly publicized murder charge which was eventually dropped.

Being single in New York City gets a bad rap: So many picture a sad, lonely woman, eating take-out in her studio apartment, tearing up about just how hard it is to find a decent mate to split the rent with.

If your boyfriend is constantly accusing you of cheating, lying and sneaking around behind his back, you have to consider his feelings.

However, if you know for a fact that his suspicions serve no merit, as you have given him no reason to doubt your loyalty, you must then begin to question his.

Guys can also become uneasy, jealous, angry, upset or uncomfortable without knowing and understanding the stem of their feelings.

However, as it pertains to interactions with a partner or love interest, Guys do not usually ignite intense conversations, arguments or debates with their significant other unless they’re already certain of factual information, or they want an escape from the relationship.

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