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Filetype php consolidating

The method (called entity tag) is a string that uniquely identifies the requested resource, as a checksum does for a file, in order to determine whether it matches a cached resource.

With the bottlenecks identified we headed over to Google Page Speed Insites, entered the URL and hit 'Analyze'.

Page Speed Insites gives recommendations for ways to increase page speed. The page load breakdowns helped us identify that we had too many CSS files.

Setting this header helps Cake PHP tell caching clients whether the response was modified or not based on their cache.

To take advantage of this header, you must either call the In some cases, you might want to serve different content using the same URL.

It also assists in testing, as it can be mocked/stubbed allowing you to inspect headers that will be sent.

Like One of the best and easiest ways of speeding up your application is to use HTTP cache.

It's also one of the heaviest pages on the site with a large header image and embedded You Tube video.

Also note that the Plans page is specifically for the US (see /en-us/ in the URL) and the Home page is specifically for the UK (/en-gb/) - we wanted to benchmark from different locations across the world so it is vital to use the correct landing page for each location.

All of these will provide you access to the passed arguments and named parameters.

There are several important/useful parameters that Cake PHP uses internally.

Images had been used sparingly and the filesizes kept small.