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Dating supervisor

Feel free to call some national hotline, but I'd only do so very very anonymously.

Otherwise, they are possibly exposing the company to liability for sexual harassment, and risking negative publicity.

At this point, since you have already raised the issue, I think you should probably go ahead and call the sexual harassment number and explain the situation.

I'm curious, though, if that is enough to raise concerns about statutory rape; do they have to be actually caught in the physical act of having sex -- something that would be virtually impossible without my dedicating my life and sacrificing my sanity to stalk them?

Cynic that I am, I would not be surprised if they decide to fire........

Either she'll understand and care about what's going to happen to her, or she won't; in the latter case, she (like the company) will not be grateful to you for trying to force the issue. Merely dating, hanging out, or going shopping together is insufficient to get to probable cause for statutory rape.

They either need to be caught, she needs to get pregnant and get a DNA test, or one of them needs to admit it.

He had to do some time in jail/probation/and had to register as a sex offender.

One of the lower-level managers at my stores is dating a 17-year-old host.

I've worked in situations where older managers (always male - go figure) take advantage of younger female subordinates, and I've always felt that it crossed a line.

Romance between teammates is one thing, but between a manager and a subordinate usually runs afoul of most larger companies' policies, due to the liability of a potential harassment suit.

May or may not be in violation of the company's policies. There is also the concept of sexual favoritism - if she gets more money, better shifts, etc due to her relationship with him, then you have a compliant - but one that is unlikely to end up with any sort of resolution other than you getting fired.