Start Omaha dating singles

Omaha dating singles

But, I am willing to try to change them if I can identify them.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

How about the guy who informs you on the meet that he is married and is shocked when I get upset over that minor detail. Or having to sift through all these profiles that have women with a 'separated' status.

How about the guy who tells you that he really does not know why he is on a dating site because he is not ready to date....says "let's meet for coffee and see what happens". I don't think the dating scene in Omaha is problematic just because guys do stupid things that you mentioned.

Guys make it hard for me to even attempt to get interested in them if I read in their profile "I am shy until I get to know you" It is not in me to try and get past a meet with someone who is. And when they are confronted about their lies, whether in person, or on this site, they get belligerent and defensive. Anyone who would post a picture that is over ten years old, or misrepresent their body type, just to deceive someone into thinking they will meet someone other than who they are, is just a pathetic person.

Because of this, I don't display my picture anymore. Another problem I have found is that a lot of these gals that I have had a first date with have been infected with that simile speech virus.

The divorce rate in Nebraska has been consistently lower than average when you look at 1990-2005 - which says something about the happiness of marriages in Nebraska, I would think.

I would be happy to hear from anyone else, men or women, regarding what makes the dating scene in Omaha 'weird.' I still think, based on my interactions with women in Omaha outside of the dating scene, that on average women in Omaha are more unhappy than the average American woman for some reason. How about the guy that on a meet tells you he has had 3 assault charges filed on him... And that he has been "clean" for 6 months now How about the guy who shows up with a dirty t-shirt on and it has holes in it!!! How fun do you think it is to meet little miss snottypants who never shuts up and tells you all kinds of stupid things and then openly acts disappointed that she agreed to meet with you!

I wish you all luck, I love Omaha and I know the guy I am looking for is also looking for me, this town is too big for there not to be love out there. Nothing romantic just meeting some interesting people. I am always honest and upfront, here that gets you nowhere.