Start Speed dating june 19

Speed dating june 19

However, the farther two ants are apart, the more the expansion increases the distance between them.

Long story short: darkness isn’t a wave itself because it isn’t anything, if it has a speed it’s the same as light speed, and also light is profoundly weird stuff (and not to be taken lightly).

The ocean, desert, basket, and hypnotic pictures are from here, here, here, and here.

The distance at which this happens (where the rate at which the distance decreases because of the movement of the ant and the rate at which the distance increases due to the expansion of the balloon) is a kind of “ant horizon”.

That is, rather than being a closed sphere (hypersphere) it just goes forever in every direction.

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You can have positive money (colloquially; “bones”) or you can have negative money or debt (vernacularly; “boned”), and it’s not unless you have neither, or equal amounts of both, that you’re exactly broke. It has to do with the difference between “phase velocity” and “group velocity”, but the basic idea is that these dark and light patches move faster than light in exactly the same way that the intersection of the blades of a pair of scissors move faster than either blade.