Start Bulgarian dating marriage

Bulgarian dating marriage

The easiest way is to come to Bulgaria, meet nice girl and marry her. The main problem is the different cultural traditions and lifestyle.

A striking example of the preservation of Slavic traditions can be seen in the Bulgarian families.

Strong family in Bulgaria is created for life, and it has even now preserved ancient Slavic culture.

For a simple Bulgarian soul it was difficultly perceived.

However, later on Russia and the West begin to affect Bulgaria, with its rules of conduct and its softer culture and religious rules.

All Bulgarian society is based on tradition to keep faith in history, love to the country and traditions.

Bulgaria carried out strong influence of Muslim culture.

It is very important for me my man to be pretty and not above 35 years old.

It doesn't matter what are his financial status, occupation, education, hobbies, inte.. I have just moved to Sofia and already feel lonely and bored.

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Bulgaria gradually began to lean towards this lightweight mode, adding their ancient customs.