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In that time he has built up connections with a range of international suppliers who can provide the widest possible range of reproduction items of uniforms, documentation and other items such as maps, paper money from the period and labels for tins.

SUHU can also supply reproduction belts and WLA hats are avail but this depends on supply.

Items can be purchased separately and my daughter Charlotte who is recreating WLA and the Timber Corps recently bought a set of dungarees which she has worn to several events which has earned her admiring comments and also invitations to join events such as Graham Adlam’s Battle of Britain Show in Taunton next year.

Some re-enactors are also collectors and they know the value of original items and although they would like to wear them in battle re-enactment or other displays they do not want to risk damaging them.

They prefer, instead, to wear reproduction items during battles and put on the originals afterwards.

Even the famous Hershey chocolate bars are available in wartime wrappers for realism.

It would seem that nothing has been overlooked and should a re-enactor just starting out as a 101st Screaming Eagle airborne he can visit SUHU and get just about everything he should need to complete the image.

It’s a blissful pause, often spent at home, with your family, hanging out and eating and drinking and hardly working (if at all)—a pleasant period of boredom before the hubbub of the New Year. Yes, it feels weird to want to do it with someone you just met so soon after watching with your extended family.