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Scott virtue dating

And no, we don’t think they’re a couple, and yes, Tumblr is creaking under the sheer weight of blogs dedicated to their potential couple-dom and also the bizzare but enjoyable rumour that they're secretly married with a child).

I’ll feel that way for the rest of my life.” They understand, after taking a year away from the daily training grind, the target must be the 2016-17 skating season, at the latest.

That would give them one full campaign of Grand Prix and world competition before the 2018 Olympics set for Pyeongchang, Korea. “We’re not coming back unless it’s to become Olympic champions again. You’ll see in the next eight months or so getting into better shape than I was at the (last) Games so I’m ready to pounce if that’s an option.

“There’s no way it’ll be me being fat and out of shape holding us back.” This isn’t about avenging a defeat or lingering doubt over past performances.

So, it turns out we just love a Canadian Olympian – who knew?

Last week we were shamelessly objectifying the Canadian Bobsleigh Team in their pants and beards, and this week we’ve got a bit strange at the mere mention of Scott Moir, one half of Canada’s crack ice dancing team (in case you’re interested the other half is his longtime dance partner Tessa Virtue.

They routinely call their last Olympic experience in Russia — where they finished second to Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White last year — a highlight of their careers.

“This is not an unfinished business thing,” Moir said.

It was neat have those quiet moments on the ice together. Now, it’s a blank slate to create new things and evolve as a team.” After 18 years joined at the hip, they stepped out with their own business pursuits, too.