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Pahiatua nude

Some, however, have successfully attempted the sharp outlines and strong contrasts beloved of the newer school. The clubs represented will be those of Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Dunedin and Invercargill.

Out of the 143 studies shown one might pick a large number that are well up to the standard of those selected for exhibition purposes in this country.

On the other hand, there is certainly a tail to the list which falls below the London standard.

The exhibits are a selection from the Auckland Camera Club, the Hamilton Photographic Circle, Hororata Camera Club, Dunedin Photographic Society, and the Invercargill Camera Club, and they have been sent at the request of the London Society to be hung for a month. There are several Maori portrait studies, the best being Georgina, the Guide, and another showing an elderly Maori woman smoking a pipe (both by Una Garlick), and A Maori Belle (E.

Most interesting from the point of view of the producers of the pictures will be the criticism's by the London Press and technical journals, but at the time of writing the London critics not yet received their invitations.

Robson) — a scene inside a Maori house — combines good subject matter with something typically New Zealand.

Baker) is something of a curiosity showing a bird's shadow in the form of a dragon. Finally, of the several nude exhibits, by Nell Porter [Nello Porter], Elegance and Grace are both very beautiful.

Thompson) is an amusing still life study of a toy duck, a ball, and a doll.