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Christine zaehler dating

CHRISTINE Lampard is known for presenting popular TV shows such as Dancing On Ice and The One Show.

It remained hidden from the public until 1963 when her disintegrating love life thrust her into the spotlight.

A jealous boyfriend, Lucky Gordon, fired bullets at Ward's front door as she hid inside, and the subsequent Old Bailey trial caused rumours to swirl in Westminster.

Still only a teenager, Christine was a topless cabaret dancer in London's Soho when she met society man-about-town Stephen Ward.

He introduced her to a whirlwind party scene involving what were described as orgies attended by aristocrats and VIPs.

As well as her TV work, she took party in Strictly Come Dancing in 2008 – and she came in fifth place.

Christine Lampard married footballer Frank Lampard on 20 December 2015.

John Profumo, then 46, was Secretary of State for War in Harold Macmillan's government when he met 19-year-old Christine.

His first sight of her was when she climbed naked out of the swimming pool during at a party at Lord Astor's country house Cliveden.

Profumo lied to the House of Commons, denying any impropriety with Keeler, but was later forced to quit in disgrace, followed months later by the prime minister.

Ward was put on trial for living off immoral earnings - accused of pimping Keeler, Mandy Rice-Davies and other girls.

There she presented a series of shows before finding fame on BBC One while presenting The One Show.