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" "Your ass is too wrinkly for me to look at." "I'm going to kill you, you naughty boy." "After you, miss." Billy did look at her ass; bare and no underwear of any kind underneath. Put me down this once, young man." "Never." "You're such a bad boy." "Yes I am." "This is so embarrassing." Carol giggled all the way up the stairs like a young lady having fun.

He searched for the way out in a panic once the doorbell rang.

See ya." Billy rushed down the stairs and into the kitchen, grabbing his underwear and looking desperately for the back door.

" "Yeah, and if he catches me here, he'll kill my ass. " "In the kitchen." The last thing Billy put on was his long sleeved shirt. Billy was in the clearing, except for barking dogs chasing him, and women screaming in fear, throwing things at him.

He turned and spotted the patio door, immediately taking his leave before Teddy came in.

Her name was Carol, a lonely widow who lived by her lonesome; a tank full of tropical were what kept her company.

They ran into each other one day and seemed to hit it off, despite the age difference and the fact Billy was young enough to be her own grandson.

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Carol stood there in her bare feet, wearing the long sleeved shirt Billy wore when he entered her home.

She made no sound while gazing at the young boy wearing only his underwear; she'd much rather see him without them on.

Alone with his cell phone in hand, sending test messages to his friends from his college dorm.

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