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Dating scammers in the uk

“Millions of people have found their partners through online dating but if you think you suspect fraudulent behaviour, please always report it to the dating provider as well as the Police; that way we can make it even safer for all users." Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director of Age UK said: “It’s really positive that older people are joining dating websites, but we would urge them to be aware of the real risks and take basic steps to stay safe online.

#datesafe tips Neil Masters, National Fraud and Cyber Crime Lead at the independent charity Victim Support, said: “Dating fraud can shatter people’s lives both financially and emotionally and we know that losing what felt like a trusting and very real relationship is often what is most difficult to come to terms with.

After the breakdown of the relationship, David was absolutely distraught and felt very alone.

He later found out from his bank that he was part of a much larger scam worth a total of £7 million pounds – with multiple victims and people pretending to be various individuals.

They told David that Kerry would go to prison unless he sent more money for a document she urgently needed and while he wanted to help he just couldn’t.

He told her he had already handed over his entire life savings (£15,000) and that he “wasn’t a millionaire”.

Every day, seven reports of dating fraud are received by Action Fraud – on average one every three hours – an increase of 32% over a two year period (from January 2013-December 2015) according to new national figures released today by City of London Police (Co LP) (1).

In less than one month - 30 days - of contact, the average victim of dating fraud will make their first transfer of money to the fraudster, (2) demonstrating how quickly and easily these situations can escalate, and will lose £10,000.

It’s not just the financial loss though; dating fraud can have a huge emotional impact on a victim too.