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Alberta is famous for its hot wells: thermal baths are located directly in the open air.

Here is the world-famous national park of the rocky, which is under the protection of UNESCO.

Pillarstone, the platform established by KKR Credit which supports banks in managing non-performing exposures, has completed its first Greek transaction with Famar.

The deal comes one day after the platform was officially granted a licence by the Bank of Greece to operate in the country.

The largest of these is the Dirfut road running from north to south.

Basically free motorways are called Highways (Trails), as well as several main highways.

It offers services including pharmaceutical production and development, health and beauty research and development, and production and logistics to more than 140 customers.

An agreement was developed in March between Pillarstone and Famar’s lenders – which include all four systemic banks in Greece – to give the company access to long-term capital investment from its shareholders and lenders.

Tourists do not remain indifferent when they visit - these are barren lands with a cluster of gorges, hills, hardened lava and canyons, which are 13 thousand years old!