Start Validating a wsdl

Validating a wsdl

This paper presents a black-box modernisation approach for exposing interactive functionalities of legacy systems as Services.

If more then one message is attached to that component, h:message will display the last message.

h:messages is used to display all messages at once, also the ones which are already displayed in a h:message in the page.

From 1998 to 1999 she was at the Computer Science Department of the University of Bari, Italy.

She serves on the program committees of a number of international conferences.

Gianni Frattolillo, is an Independent ICT Engineering Professional working in Italy.

Formerly, he worked as an IT Architect at an IBM Company.

When the value of the global Only attribute is true, only global messages (i.e.

messages without a client Id) will be displayed; when the value is false, global messages will be displayed in addition to other messages that are already queued. Each message can have a summary description and a detailed description.

You can place h:messages tag in start of your form.

You may need to display only global messages using h:messages tag.

An attibute for=”” can be used to specify the id of a component whose error messages we need to display.