Start D3 updating setup files stuck

D3 updating setup files stuck

Same with the Sigma, but they are offset from being exactly on top, bottom, and on the sides, with the net result that they fall directly UNDER my thumb (where you want them! Oh, and BTW..both lenses the AF-L function of these buttons can be used to change AF area mode (assuming you're using a Nikon body that offers this functionality).

Note that I will be saying much more about how these compare (both theoretically and in practice) in the coming weeks. Here's what I've noticed so far: • AF Activation Buttons ((AKA "AF Function" Buttons on the Sigma 500mm): These are the four round buttons found around the lens near the distal (or far) end of it.

In contrast, the Sigma 500 collar has two modes - with detents (at 90º degree increments) on or continuous (sans detents). And, if you compare how smoothly the two lenses rotate when the Sigma has the detents turned off....

I have to say the Sigma rotates much more smoothly (as though it's on bearings and with no "play" whatsoever).

• Customization Switch: This switch is found on the Sigma 500mm only (there's nothing comparable on the Nikon 500) and is used to switch between default lens settings or one of two custom settings you have set up for the lens using the optional USB Dock and free Sigma Optimization Pro software (which can also be used to update the lens' firmware, including changes to the autofocus algorithm).

There are many parameters that you can change that affect either AF or OS performance and then assign to one of the two custom functions (as indicated on the switch).

So the Sigma is almost an inch shorter when in "shooting" mode. Tale of the Scale - Weight Differences I weighed the two lenses several different ways.

First, I stripped everything off them, including the next-to-useless stock tripod feet.

To be honest I can see no functional difference in the lenses associated with this differing taper. ;-) Purely eye-of-the-beholder (personal preference) stuff... But the two 500's I'm comparing here..seem built for long-term professional use.