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More information on substance-free areas can be found in the policy handbook: Dodds, Hutton, O'Bryan, Palmer, Lorch/Russell, Henderson, Murphy and Pennell rooms come with lofts.

Seven years later, she disappeared entirely from the internet. Our theme song is by the mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder. For seven years, she was the subject of endless online discussion, debate, and analysis. I know this because for the better part of a year, I’ve been trying to find her.[THEME]ALEX: From Gimlet, this is Reply All, a show about the internet.

JENNIFER: I think I decided that it was gonna be even more of a pain to turn the camera around when I was gonna get changed, it was gonna be more of a pain to have to cover it up when something was gonna be happening, that if I really wanted to be able to ignore the cameras as much as I wanted to, that they just had to keep running, that I can't -- if I'm kissing my boyfriend, I'm gonna stop that to walk to over to the other side of the room, no, that's not a -- I didn't want it to be disruptive like that, for me.

ALEX: Was there any part of you that felt like it was empowering, or was excited by it?

As one of the largest residence halls in the nation and a strong core of returning students, Friley is a great place to call home while you're at Iowa State.

You're sure to meet people, have plenty to keep your social life full and you'll also find a strong focus on academics.

I'm not gonna deny that there's a certain amount of insecurity that goes along with being 19-years-old. But I also tried to not listen too hard to the feedback that was either really good or really bad. We’ve come to expect that when someone does something this extreme, it’s the result of something extreme in their personality.

What’s confusing about Jenni is that she’s confoundingly normal.

Jenni and a guy are laying next to one another in bed, so they will fall asleep reading, or will end up having sex. And then of course I hear the computer beeping and look over.