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Tokyo singles tokyo dating tokyo dating

Read more Living abroad is an incredible opportunity to rediscover and reinvent yourself, including the romantic side of your life.

Unlike other speed dating programs, Aiseki Cafe is open all day with no reservations necessary, meaning you can stop in at any time to find the potential love of your life.

You just come in, quickly fill out a form with some key information about yourself so they can verify you’re not a stalker, order your drink or food, and then you’re seated at one of the two-people tables.

The men are rotated every half an hour (the women stay seated), so you don’t have to spend too long putting up with somebody if you’re not hitting it off.

A few of our previous events/parties include Mt Fuji climb , Riverboat cruises , Scavenger Hunts , BBQs, Picnics, Travel (day and vacation), live theater, art gallery exhibits, shooting ranges, skiing and haunted bus tours, Tokyo Sky tree walk.

Salsa classes ,etc"Remember being bored means your boring"Join up meet new friends enjoy unique and fun activities TOKYO SINGLES has to offer Join Tokyo singles NOW Don't forget to R.

What’s more, each seat comes equipped with a tablet fully loaded with music, books, manga and more for patrons to use as conversation stimulators.

Or as a way of killing the silence until their awkward 30 minutes are up…

Tokyo International Singles accepts singles from 20-98, but our group events are broken into age ranges when appropriate We will have events in many age categories..