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In 1955, Frisch's subfranchised northwest Ohio to Toledo brothers Milton and David Bennett, to operate under the Frisch's Big Boy name.

Frisch's Café was a success and in 1938 a second location opened, this one across from the Stag Lunch in Norwood.

However, Frisch couldn't meet expenses of the Norwood restaurant and facing bankruptcy, both cafés closed in 1938.

In 1988, in exchange for allowing Elias Brothers to operate (former Elby's and Manner's) Big Boys in Ohio, Frisch's received Big Boy rights in parts of Tennessee and Georgia.

Frisch's ended Kip's operations in 1991, and sold that territory as well as Georgia and Florida to Big Boy Restaurants International in 2001.

Fred Cornuelle, a local businessman counseled Frisch and provided money for a new restaurant.

In 1939 the Mainliner opened on Wooster Pike in Fairfax, Ohio.

In March 2017, there were 121 restaurants in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio.

Frisch's is the oldest, longest surviving regional Big Boy operator, excluding Bob's Big Boy in California, which was the original Big Boy restaurant and franchisor.

Frisch's previously owned numerous Golden Corral restaurants in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia but after closing six under-performing stores in 2011, Frisch's sold the remainder in March 2012.

In 1905, Samuel Frisch opened the Frisch Cafe in Cincinnati, Ohio.

When the elder Frisch died in 1923, three of his sons, David, Reuben and Irving, continued operating the cafe; twenty-year-old Dave took his father's lead role.