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The female given name "Sofia" is pronounced by Bulgarians with a stress on the 'i'.

The Iskar River in its upper course flows near eastern Sofia.

Sofia has a humid continental climate (Köppen climate classification Dfb) with an average annual temperature of 10.6 °C (51.1 °F). In the coldest days temperatures can drop below −15 °C (5 °F), most notably in January.

The lowest recorded temperature is −28.3 °C (−19 °F) (24 January 1942). In summer, the city generally remains slightly cooler than other parts of Bulgaria, due to its higher altitude.

Remains from another neolithic settlement around the National Art Gallery are traced to the 3rd–4th millennium BC, which has been the traditional centre of the city ever since and is not changed today.

The earliest tribes who settled were the Thracians. Sofia's area was populated by the Thracian tribe of Tilataei.

In the context, certainly the neolithic village in Slatina, dating to the 5th–6th millennium BC, is described.

However, the motto of the city is "grows, but does not age".

After the Celtic invasion in 3rd century BC Tilataei were conquered by the Celtic tribe of Serdi.