Start Senior dating on line

Senior dating on line

If ballroom or tap isn't your thing, but you still love dancing, try Zumba Gold.

Red Hat Society founder Sue Ellen Cooper believes that women of a certain age can live life with élan, interest, and gusto.

You can find these classes at gyms, community centers, and dance schools.

Keeping the mind sharp is important for people of all ages, but becomes even more important as you get older.

If you have a handheld GPS or Smartphone, geocaching (similar to letterboxing but using GPS coordinates) might be your thing.

Many communities are building bikeways along abandoned inter-urban railway lines.

Silver Sneakers is a program that offers Medicare-eligible adults memberships to participating fitness centers.

The program encourages healthy living through fitness classes, social gatherings, and seminars on healthy living.

Seniors can also have access to a program advisor and online support to help address seniors' unique health needs.