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I’ll be blogging over at Single Forty-something now… Thank you specially to Elmarie, Jennifer and Jessica who left such lovely comments via the contact form.

They issued the invitation on Facebook and also on an online event/invitation site.

Most of the people who were invited didn’t respond.

Two weeks before her big day one of the brides was still waiting to hear from over 30 (! (And it wasn’t a huge wedding – maybe 140 people total.) In my book, if someone has invited you to something, it’s because they’ve thought carefully about who they would like to have there, and you’ve made the list as being special to them.

They’re going to the trouble of organising something, so you should have the courtesy of letting them know if you can make it – soon after you receive the invitation.

Like birthdays, Valentine's Day celebrations become repetitive after a few years.

If you've grown disenchanted with the fancy dinners, chocolates, and roses, worry not, because we've rounded up a series of unique Valentine's Day ideas to combat the season's predictability.

Let’s take a look at what these types of singlehood mean…

Involuntary & Temporarily Single, but not by choice.

For ideas, check out the movement's website, which recommends hosting an event at a public place, such as a library, and advertising it a few weeks ahead of time on Craigslist or Flavorpill.

activities that you and your honey have never done. Gather a bunch of people for a stay-at-home group date and split the duties.

MGTOWs and Single-At-Hearts are usually quite at home with this designation.