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Atheist views on interracial dating

Unlike the Pilgrims, they do not break with the church, but remain a part of it.

Hundreds from both sides die in the fighting; more than half of the Catholic priests are murdered. The son of a successful British admiral, William Penn is imprisoned six times for being a Quaker in Anglican England.

He receives an immense tract of land west of the Delaware River from King Charles II (in repayment for a debt owed Penn's father) and establishes the "holy experiment" of Pennsylvania.

Williams had quarreled with Puritan authorities over their theology, their decision to remain within the Church of England and their failure to pay Native Americans for their land.

Williams' colony of Providence guarantees freedom of conscience and becomes a haven for religious dissidents.

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In 1624, King James officially charters Virginia as a royal colony.

The colony's founding documents include provisions for religious toleration, freedom of the press and statements of equality that include women, but not slaves.