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Who is grace potter dating

The “Like a Cowboy” singer shares what he’s learned from watching one of country’s brightest stars every night.

More than anything, “Midnight” is honest for Potter.

Enter: her new solo record, “Midnight.” Separating herself from a 13-year run with her band, The Nocturnals, she’s digging into music she wanted and needed to make—yes, pop.

It’s not surprising Potter will make a stop in Wilmington at Cape Fear Stage on Jan. She visited here a few years ago with The Nocturnals and garnered fans from the get-go.

“This record is me, just digging my heals in and saying I’ve never just been one thing, ever.

You’re always going to get something new from me and you should just learn to accept it.

“I think that’s important when you’re writing to really recognize where your fans are, who they are and who your band is. I knew who I was singing to and who would probably be most interested in hearing new music from Grace Potter, but I very intentionally stripped away any parameters I had set for myself.”Even people who don’t like the new record can feel at home with Potter onstage. So much of Potter’s career is built around her live performances, which are known for being energized, engaging and undeniably sexy in confidence and talent.“Truth be told, everybody fucking knows that it’s better onstage than anything,” she admits. When we started auditions and I started figuring out the new band, I was really concerned that ‘Midnight’ wasn’t going to translate and congeal with the other songs . As someone who loves music, she just wants to deliver honest vocal performances.

If changing genres is what it takes to reach more people, so be it.“I don’t want to limit myself,” she says.

I wanted the record to sound like fun, and so I just followed the music and surrendered to it.”“Midnight” took longer than it should have, according to Potter.