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Desperate desires lead to desperate measures in these casting couch scenes, where teens who want to be models are willing to let themselves be manhandled in the roughest manner possible for the promise of fame.

Her sopping-wet, engorged red pussy spurted with juices as her whole body was racked violently by intense waves of pure, perverse ecstasy. Chet felt like a third wheel as his wife and her black stud enjoyed their post-coital bliss, but Trisha held his head firm. He groaned as he accepted his role and watched enviously as Trisha and Luke French-kissed passionately while he served as their black master's human urinal.

Eventually, Trisha got that evil grin on her face that always made Chet nervous.

It was his duty as a loving husband to please her and she seemed to be really turned on right now. " "You know you want it, you worthless piece of shit! " (which he obediently did) "You like big, black cock, don't you, you fucking little white bitch! He was faintly aware of Luke grunting, then felt the massive tool lodged in his throat start pulsating.

He had always been a pushover to her more domineering, demanding personality. He actually felt proud that he was able to turn her on in this way. Trisha moaned, groaned and cursed up a endless torrent of insults, slurs and profanities at Chet as she made him deep throat "her" cock. " "I'm going to shoot my load down your faggot mouth-cunt, you dirty slut!!! Luke was cumming right down gullet, shooting his jizz right into his stomach! Chet could feel the warmth of Luke's semen shooting into him, filling him up. He wouldn't notice until Trisha gleefully pointed it out later - but Chet, too, had cum.

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Little did he know that the big, black priest at the wedding was Luke Powers, a black stud his fiancée had been fucking behind his back since they got engaged!

And little did he know that Trisha has invited Luke along on the honeymoon!

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