Start Updating jframe

Updating jframe

The period tells us that the statement following should be applied to the selected element. .ready – The ready command tells us that once the selected element “document” is ready to perform the actions within the parenthesis. function() – This command creates and runs an unnamed function which includes everything encapsulated inside the brackets.

Each time you see a change in color you are looking at a function within a function (and sometimes even those are within other functions). This is good to know if you plan to use j Query in tandem with another library such as prototype that uses the $ symbol as a shortcut.

I kept it as clean as possible so you could concentrate on the Java Script file that contains the j Query code.

Below are the only two portions of the html file that warrant some explanation.

The two lines of code illustrated above loads the j Query library and our read XML Java Script example.

I created a simple DIV that I called “Content Area”. That will change when we dynamically update this object inside of the read XML Java Script once the page has loaded.

This ensures that the information is updated only once before the reading of the XML record begins.

You will also notice that I have created a function to help build the HTML string variable that I named Build Student HTML.

Note: I chose to use the high level Ajax $function in j Query.