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The forum featured candidates for citywide races in this April's election.

In contrast, Fulnecky and Mc Clure raised a combined total of $306,464.96, with their donations coming almost entirely from local sources.

Ponder said social media has also driven up the price of campaigns."Now you’re in competition with technology all the time, and all that costs money if you want to be heard above the fray."Despite the similarities to national and state politics, Ponder said he was "a little surprised" to see that kind of spending for a mayor's race in Springfield."You can help set the agenda and be the public face, but in the end, you are just one vote on council," Ponder said.

The mayor and members of the City Council do not receive a salary from the city.

The mayor receives a $200 monthly stipend, and members of City Council are allowed to claim expenses incurred as a result of official duties, up to $100 a month.

Ponder said Fulnecky's early start on fundraising likely drove Mc Clure to raise more money.

The Springfield Good Government Committee gave Mc Clure $35,753.50 in monetary and in-kind donations, according to campaign finance documents.

To the five incumbent candidates, the Springfield Good Government committee gave a total of more than $43,700 in monetary and in-kind donations.

It's clear, however, that mayoral candidates Ken Mc Clure and Kristi Fulnecky far surpassed any of the records that remain, either preserved online or in the Missouri State Archives in Jefferson City, dating back to 1979.