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Instant messaging live sex

Technology is fuelling a new wave of workplace sexual harassment, as social media provides intimate details of workers' personal lives and systems deployed by some companies allow would-be stalkers to track their colleagues' location in real time.

And then there were, sometimes concurrently with the song lyrics, the pained, cryptic, and egocentric recountings of the emotional trials of the day. We made our first attempts, on AIM, of transfiguring our mysterious and unpredictable thoughts into lively and personable textual performances. We invented our online selves—we invented ourselves. Myspace and Xanga helped us set up temporary and ramshackle museums of our tastes.

There is only one upside — if it can be called that — to high tech sexual harassment through social networks and messaging platforms.

As Ms Parker puts it: "It gives a great paper trail of the abuse should a person choose to report it".

"It's great to connect people across the world to form cross-border teams and share expertise," one financial services worker wrote to the FT.

"But, if some guy at the company is persistently trying to ask you out on a date, or pressuring you into sex, it means he has loads of tools to stalk you online, get tonnes of information about you, and find your whereabouts, which is really scary.

It was like Gchat or i Message, but you could only do it from a desktop computer.

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"And because all these systems are company mandatory, you can't block the guy, switch messenger off, or hide your profile from him.