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This was the extent of the Georgians’ interest in my black friends.

So I will let them off the hook (though this does not extend to white Americans or other people who ought to know better).] And, of course, there is good old-fashioned racial disdain.

Most obviously, there is quite a bit of what we can call “zoo racism.” Black people are rare in Georgia (historically especially, but today too), and so Georgians are often surprised and excited when they see any.

A few months ago I visited the ancient rock city of Uplistsikhe with a black friend on the same day that a Georgian class was there on a field trip.

The kids told me that there was a dark-skinned student whose nickname was “Zangi.” Since carving their names is popular pastime among the students, he carved it. How could anyone not well-integrated into the Georgian language community really be certain about such a subtlety?

Unlike English or Russian, to which people all over the world have easy access, Georgian is fairly esoteric, and so I am somewhat skeptical of any outsider’s opinion about even mundane subtleties, much less such a sensitive case of cross-cultural interpretation. He could be right, since there certainly is racism against blacks in Georgia.

Slurs are thick concepts too, since their denoting a group is accompanied by disapproval of some sort.

It would make no sense to say “That guy is a nigger, and I really admire him.” “Nigger” already entails disapproval, disdain, or whatever.

“Negro” is thin, since you can say “That guy is a Negro, and I really admire him,” or at least that’s what someone might have said in the 1940s. ” These exclamations are strictly ordered by increasing offensiveness.