Start Dating a cancer man astrology

Dating a cancer man astrology

Neptune may take some of the edge off, so it will be less angry and more urgently compassionate, passionate or sentimental.

“Mars, the planet of fire and masculine energy, will connect us to our brave hearts and sexuality.

It takes great courage to be so deeply vulnerable and to show the pain of our past to loved ones, yet this is what will connect us even deeper towards the night’s end.

“Meanwhile, Neptune, the planet of our imagination and healing powers, will whisper her gentle prayers as we find a place in ourselves where we forgive our past, forgive the pain and accept more love in our relationships.

“Everyone’s got ESP and telepathy, even the closed-minded nonbelievers.

This configuration, with an opposition to one of the points of a grand trine, is called a kite.

The earth planets offer some protection against a riptide of feelings.“This Grand Trine is a wallop of emotions — Mars will activate things, heating up whatever’s been brewing.

Occurring near its closest approach to the Earth, this Full Moon will appear nearly 30 percent brighter than usual.

Plus, in the Northern Hemisphere, this Moon soars higher in the sky than any other (the lowest near the horizon in the Southern hemisphere.)“Black Moon Lilith and Venus are close to the Sun, so the energy of the dangerous woman, moving to unite with more traditional expressions of womanhood (Venus in Capricorn) will be part of this Moon.

We’re phenomenally susceptible to manipulation, so approach advertising, social media noise and the news with care.

And a box of tissues.” “Full Moon trine Mars gives the courage and initiative to make the first move and take the lead.

We have the mother (Moon) opposing the witch/outsider (Lilith) and the lady who attracts (Venus).“While the Moon nurtures and makes you feel safe, BML rages at being an outcast and makes everyone uncomfortable. When she combines with Venus in Capricorn, we get the sense of a formidable woman on one side, opposing themes such as family and children.”The Water element’s in the spotlight during this year’s Cancer Full Moon, heightening her intrinsically emotional nature.