Start Pros and cons of dating a older woman

Pros and cons of dating a older woman

It is hard to read whether or nothe is a total sweetie or totally sweet on me.

I'm loved and secure, respected and cared for and forthat reason everything will be fine. We have been together for a number of years and heis still romantic, loving, gentle, always compliments, (as one knows this isimportant to a Leo woman).

He is a bit controlling, but not enough to send a Leopacking. My Cancer man isgreat in bed, loyal, dependable, generous and extremely intelligent. I m 21 years old and my Cancer guy is 26, sometimes I feel he is ignoringme a lot, but in bedroom he dominates me a lot which I love.

Ive had to learn this because I would get mad and say anything out mymouth not understanding his shell. The foundation and true support I feel, allows me to overlookcertain flaws.

Both the Leo women and the Cancer man havetheir issues. I try to concentrate on the fact that everyone is not me andevery one is not perfect.

I am currently in a sexual relationship with a Cancer man. I never quite know what to say to himand I feel like he is holding back emotionally. And with that you got to know him deeply for the relationship to go on...

just be patient and gentle with him and if ever you've felt the two of you never move on well make the first move..luck:) I'm a Leo woman who was casually dating a Capricorn Man.

maybe these aretypical of a mature Cancerian male, but since I lack experience with them, Iremain unsure.

I'm not used to Cancer men so I'm not sure how to read them.

We have onlyknown each other for a short 21/2 months.. His maturity and tact his motivation and ambition is all over whelming.

Heis my Ideal man that I've been waiting for all my life.

I decided that Iwould rather wait and allow him to show me exactly how he feels.