Start Are laura bell bundy and christian borle still dating

Are laura bell bundy and christian borle still dating

She had soaked for another couple minutes in the tub before she decided it wasn't making her feel better. She had no intention of leaving her dorm that night, although as predicted, she received texts from the Delta Nu girls telling her she was missing out on a pretty killer party at the local bar celebrating Brooke's freedom. He looked as handsome as ever, albeit a little out of breath."Emmett! Elle suddenly felt very aware she was standing in the doorway in a robe, her hair piled on top of her head, looking like a complete mess.

Might as well face it and try to get past the blow.

She imagined the message: Margot wondering where the hell she was, Pilar hassling her for missing her own celebratory gathering, or Serena drunk and incoherent. He slumped onto the sagging couch in his cramped living area, looking like a shiny penny in a dump. He left Elle with Warner, thinking he was just going to congratulate her.

Wiping her hands off on a towel hanging by the tub, Elle sat up and reached over to her phone. His texts were normally goofy and even flirty, but this was professional. He had seen the proposal, but didn't see the rejection. The feeling made her almost sick; she wanted to reply in all caps, I SAID NO – I LOVE YOU, IDIOT, but she didn't want to put herself completely out there. He had taken pity on her months back, becoming a tutor to her. Elle's attitude toward Warner had gotten colder the more she focused on her schooling, and Emmett was sure there was no way she would go back to him if she had the chance.

She smiled at the irony: she was finally getting what she came here for and she had no want of it!

As she reached for Warner to pull him off the floor and save him further embarrassment, she noticed a shadow pass over her face. She had wanted to tell Emmett she was feeling something more than friendship since the start of the trial, but she was intercepted with the stupid proposal.

AN: I do not own any characters of Legally Blonde, although I wish I had my own Emmett! Yes, Elle had finally experienced the moment she had taken herself out of Malibu for.

She made Warner get down on one knee and present her with the 6 carat Harry Winston she had coveted years prior. It was quite a while ago that she felt her feelings fading towards her ex, that was sure.

She glanced up past Warner, noticing someone walk out of the courtroom at a rather quick pace. There was no way Emmett hadn't seen Warner, all 6 foot 2 inches of him, kneeling before her.