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Nice tatoos, by the way: good- Always the perfect student... : good- You don't seem to get along with your parents: bad- I don't get it! : bad* About date (you score need to be nearly the maximum to access this menu or you will lose points)- Come on, why don't you give me a chance ? : good- There's nothing to fear but fear itself.

: bad- * Stare deeply into her eyes * : good To "ask her for a date" and date her, the best thing to do is to ask her all the good things from the:"Small talk" menuthen from the "gossips about friends" from the "About Emily" finally from the "About date" menu. Then click on "ask her for a date"You get ending #1, if you don't have enough points to date her.[At this point, her previous mood is no more important.]panda bear (decreases her mood)spiked wrist band (increases her mood)dark lipstick (gives a bonus scene)blindfold (gives a bonus scene)- Hmmm, i could get used to this.-That you are not who you pretend to be.-Smart, sexy, sensitive, i could go on.-I don't know, i just feel that we... goending=e4_rrffrfrfr You get ending #5: if you ejaculated on her face and if you decided to leave. goending=e5_ttggtgtgt You get ending #6: cumshot in the condom (in her pussy)Ending 06: Love at first lust

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connect.- Continue You get ending #2, if you loses to much points after the first dialogs.(option: you can give her some of your gifts (the "spiked wrist band" for example), if you have some)(don't touch her boobs but touch her legs)You get ending #3, if you try to touch her boobs instead of her legs. goending=e3_eedddee You get ending #4: if you don't know how to drink tequila or if you don't have enough points after this part. goending=e6_yyhyhyhhy You get ending #7: cumshot on her boobs at the end Ending 07: She just can't get enough