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If you do it repeatedly, we shouldn't just abolish the rule, you should get a punishment.

I also agree that the...maybe not the maturity, but the seriousness of RSW isn't what it used to be.

I personally enjoy the more lighthearted atmosphere, but I don't know if that's the popular opinion.

Everyone seems to be fine with this system, so it seems like a good idea to formalise it.

My proposal then is simple: change rule 9 to "Discussion of sexual topics in the Clan Chat is allowed, unless a user asks for it to stop", akin to rule 8.

Right now, our Clan Chat's Rule 9 states that "users are not allowed to discuss sexual topics in the clan chat", per this thread.

Now as anyone who spends time in the CC will know, this rule is hardly followed - sexual topics are brought up very often, but whenever someone asks for it to stop, it does.

Oppose - While I personally consider clan chats to be a separate space (shades of grey) where the permissible topics are governed by the community, rather than jagex, I think this discussion might be pointless.

Consider rule 1 (and 2nd bullet prior to the list) "All in-game Rules of Rune Scape apply." The respect section of these rules includes the clarification "Seriously offensive language includes racism and chat of a sexual nature." Given the wiki's status as the best source of information related to runescape, I don't know if it'd be wise to implement a chat rule that strictly speaking is arguably in direct violation of the respect section.

Instead, I was chased out by the lack of maturity and feeling like I needed to be lewd to be "cool". (If we do not change the rule, do we continue as we have been or enforce it more?

I could go on about how that attitude that made me leave has spread and is still around on the wiki itself (I'm looking at a few select users who I do not think are serious enough, but I will not name anyone)..that's not the topic to talk about here. If we change the rule to we continue as we are or enforce it less?

It is also true that most infractions of the rule are more jokes than actual sexual discussion or solicitation - any actual solicitation or cybering would be silenced quickly I'm sure.