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Patti stanger speed dating

When you finally divulge the coveted information you say that you “just turned” 31, and you say “just turned” because you think that matters.

Her approach may be abrasive and, let’s face it, taking relationship advice from an unmarried middle-aged woman may seem a bit counterintuitive – but all that aside, she knows her stuff.

Her “rules” are the types of obvious things you’d expect people over thirty would already know.

She was skeptical about meeting with a matchmaker at first, describing herself as a “down-to-earth person who is not solely into appearances.” Ultimately, she ended up paying the $250 to go to the consultation, but has not been set up on a date with a client yet.

She wasn’t impressed by the men at the event, saying they seemed to lack confidence.

) and her radio show is on the Playboy channel — but as long as he impregnates her before her old lady ovaries dry up they will live happily ever after.

In a disco-lit private room at an upscale restaurant earlier this month, mother-daughter matchmaking team Janis and Carly Spindel hosted an exclusive singles party for New York City’s elite.

But like telling children not to eat glue, sometimes you need to really hammer the point home. Better not bring up your messy divorce or your brood of cats before the check has been dropped. And part of the reason some people are turned off by her is because she exposes ugly truths.

Girls over 30 don’t want to hear about the 21-year-old sorority chicks trying to swim in their dating pool.

You think that some girl is going to overlook the fact that you have a hunchback, dress like a gigolo and have the personality of a serial killer, just because you are worth 30 million dollars? But it will be a sham and mark her words, you will die alone. And when he has the opportunity again, he is just going to date another 25-year-old anyway.

Patti speaks the truth, but that doesn’t necessarily means she agrees with it. Good riddance, you say, pumping your fist in the air. And to that 25-year-old girl with a smoking hot body and a master’s degree, I say — what are you doing??

There’s likely a reason for that: Stanger was actually Janis’s assistant for five years before she began her own matchmaking business.