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Colorblind dating

While initially it may not feel like it, the shaking works up a beautiful mess that Christ can come and clean.

It’s also funny how neither white nationalists nor Asian feminists are adamant about marrying black people. Barack Obama, Alicia Keys, Tim Duncan, Blake Griffin, Prince, Tony Parker, Zach Lavine, Vin Diesel, Halle Berry, Boris Kodjoe, Derek Jeter, Lewis Hamilton, Leona Lewis, Melanie Brown, Rick Fox, The Rock (Black man / Samoan woman), Tiger Woods (Black man, Asian woman), Tyga (Black man, Asian mother), Mariah Carey, Rashida Jones, Key & Peele (both biracial), Jason Kidd, Mike Bibby, Doug Christie, Shemar Moore, Tim Howard, Wentworth Miller. And how many of those have Asian fathers (i.e., Bruce Lee)?

A white man who is racist and just loves Asian vagina. It’s funny because both white nationalists and feminist Asian women seem to push for the “superior” Eurasian child – above the children of black men – especially those with black fathers.

“To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness;” (Isaiah ) When I was a little girl I had a toy. Just a funky shaped bottle with colored sand and water inside.

When I wasn’t playing with the bottle by shaking it around, the sand would simply settle at the bottom and the water would remain still.

A part that is often viewed as unwanted, unforeseen, and uncomfortable.

If you are asking that question right now, I get it.

Not that He wants to cause us pain, but sometimes the pain we feel is the byproduct of the protection God gives.

In preparation for writing this blog I recently made a list of all the rejections that I could remember experiencing in life (since high school at least).

If my sister had to explain the true reason behind each of her “no’s” her efforts to get him to comprehend some things would be futile. In the same way, you can think of the protections of God as his, “because I said so,” kind of love.

I can recall MANY times I’ve been like Cayden and asked God “but why,” to a rejection that seemed to be ruining my life.

I was able to see protections from things such as stress, financial hardship, and separation from God.