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Unusually, Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill helped mediate the talks on Wednesday's prisoner exchange, and three Russian priests were present.

Ukrainian hostages are pictured hugging relatives last night at the airport of Boryspil, Ukraine, after their release The swap took place close to the Ukrainian town of Gorlivka, and was the largest such exchange since the outbreak of an insurgency almost four years ago.

The figures were significantly lower than previously declared, as dozens of prisoners - almost all from the Ukrainian territory - have refused to move to the other side.

Two Ukrainians - a man and a woman - also opted to stay on the rebel side.

The Specials are lead by The Strobe (Thomas Haden Church) as he strives to set a good example in the community and fight crime on all levels. Indestructible (Paget Brewster), a lady who when not fighting at her husbands sides, spends her day answering the phones and paying the bills at the Special's lair, a simple house in a quiet California residential area.

The story opens with the arrival of Nightbird (Jordan Ladd), who as the newest member of the team is finally meeting her partners in the business. Indestructible Nightbird has little knowledge of her new team.

In the first exchange since September 2016, the Russian-backed eastern militia handed 73 prisoners over to Kiev.

The Ukrainian side released 233 rebels and their supporters, officials from both sides said.

We get to see one day in their lives as fan and new member Nightbird joins the group, just in time for the group to get a new line of action figures. Stretch, an original member of the Specials that we are told died of mouth cancer in one of interview segments.