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“So it was basically a no-brainer to keep that in place until the court reached a decision.” Susan Willis, chief financial officer for Wichita schools, called the order “good news.” “It gives the districts some assurances about how to move forward past that sunset date,” Willis said.

“The question of what happens after the Supreme Court rules is still open, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.” Kansas City, Kan., is one of four districts that has been suing the state since 2010 over funding levels.

Erin Little, director of communications for the Shawnee Mission School District, thanked the area’s legislative delegation in a statement but offered a word of caution: “Although today’s decision by the Kansas Supreme Court does allow some relief as we proceed with our budgeting process for next year, uncertainty still exists as we wait until the court renders a final decision after July 18, 2017.” Neither the attorneys representing the districts nor the state wanted a school shutdown.

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The Kansas Supreme Court will allow the state’s new school funding law to go into effect while justices decide whether it is constitutional, eliminating the possibility that schools will run out of money at the end of June.

Meeting payroll, payments to vendors and maintenance would become problematic, the district warned.

Schools could still be disrupted, however, if the court rules the law unconstitutional in late July and requires immediate action from the Legislature.

Beyond Wichita, 230 other districts also would receive additional general state aid, and 55 would lose general state aid.

“Certainly as we look at new monies coming in, a lot of that stream is at targeted programs,” Willis said.

We are aware of the depth of the state’s financial problems, but had hoped for higher funding, given our experience with budget constraints over the past several years.” For Kansas City-area school districts, the bill boosts general state aid compared to the 2015-16 school year, according to the Department of Education.

The bill also funds all-day kindergarten and adds early childhood funding.

In an order late Monday afternoon, the court said it will hold off on any further action before deciding the law’s constitutionality. Sam Brownback approved, a new funding plan that will boost education spending.