Start Wendells internet dating

Wendells internet dating

Wendell and Vinnie has some family loving attributes to it such as the obvious presence of love and support from "Wendell" and "Wilma" alongside their female neighbor.

However, after watching the first episode I quickly realized that this show is meant for tweens around ages 9 and up.

In the first few minutes alone, there were two references to "making out." That was followed by refereces to divorce, the Kardashians, "boobs," online dating, racial stereotypes, multiple trips to the emergency room, a child's throat closing up after suffering a reaction from a peanut allergy, instances of bullying, and other uncomfortable situations.

I gave this show not much attention until my 10 year old son was watching and I heard "Vinnie" on a date, the date was mentioning how a friend of hers was like a younger "sluttier" sister, she went on to talk about her extensive lingerie collection! I appreciate Jerry Trainor as well as Nicole Sulllivan as actors, I am a bit disappointed in the suggestive "humor". When kids advise this, they know how inappropriate the show is.

I liked the show until they used the word slutty, which I found TOTALLY inappropriate for the age group that is watching this show! I think Wendell and Vinnie is an inappropriate show for kids it has bad language inappropriate features and tiny bit of violence I also think the show should get taken off if you agree for your kid's young or older behavior or teen life so come on mom's or dad's and help get this inappropriate show taken off please and thank you .

The choice of language is inappropriate for children and it should be taken into consideration to improve this show.

These are not the faults of the actors for they are just an instrument to complete this show.

Then there is the over-exposure of sexual references in this show.

From already asking a new female neighbor on a date or to even make out, then suddenly asking Wendell to lie just to get together with the Vice Principal..

I wish the writers could create dialogue between a male and female character other than "making out"...

Children easily absorb certain moral values or information through either shows, music, pictures, or any form of media.

I was really excited to see he had gotten a new show after i Carly.