Start A christian mormon dating

A christian mormon dating

One of the most commonly misused and misquoted Bible verses you will find is Jeremiah .

We must be careful not to misapply that application or context of His written word.

Ultimately, the Old Testament points towards the coming Messiah and His redemptive work on the cross.

While quoting this passage to a person may make them feel better, it’s often prescribed completely out of context.

As often the case, when we cherry pick one Scripture from the Bible we often miss the full context of the passage we are grabbing. When looking further at the context of the book of Jeremiah is important to understand the person of Jeremiah.

Context matters – God speaks at particulars moment in time to particular groups of people, for a reason.

Looking at the full context of chapter 29 of Jeremiah it can be seen that God has plans for the whole group of people, namely the nation of Israel.

Jeremiah 29: 11 has become the common cure aspirin for many of a Christian.

It has become an equal to a doctor prescribing two aspirins and telling their patient to call them in the morning.

So what is the author of Jeremiah actually saying in Jeremiah ? He was a lonely, pathetic figure who was God’s final appeal to the Holy City, which had become hopelessly and frantically attached to idol worship.

It is important to remember when we are reading our Bibles that we do not become so familiar with the words on the page that we begin to overlook them and forget to understand their real meaning. Jeremiah’s cry was that if Israel would only repent God would save them from Babylon.

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