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Affirm match dating site

Eventually it will be available at bricks-and-mortar locations during the check out process, but for now it's online-only, including for mobile purchases.

And Levchin simply doesn’t talk specifics when it comes to the number of consumers who have taken out Affirm loans.

But Beautylish's chief executive and founder Nils Johnson is certainly enamored with the product, even if its promised merchant savings haven't exactly panned out.

"Customers love this," Johnson says, adding the service is somewhat like the old days when people would walk to the corner store for bread and milk and put things on a tab.

In short, it creates repeat business, such as from the many freelance makeup artists who need hundreds of dollars worth of product at once, but may not get paid for their gigs for three months.

"They witnessed the financial collapse in 2008 with a front row seat, but they were still dependents, and they saw how their parents mortgages seized up, or they had to refinance in a horrible way, or they had to move out of their family house or apartment," Levchin says. That's a pretty staggering number when you think about it.

But for right now, millennials have much more immediate concerns, such as how they can afford $2,000 to purchase a mattress and other apartment furniture, when they finally move out of their parents' homes. Affirm hopes to be an alternative financial institution that will regularly extend credit to this age group and others to ease their cash flow issues without getting them into debt.

All people need to sign up for the service is a telephone number, their date of birth, and the last four digits of their social security number.

Affirm doesn't rely on the traditional FICO score, as banks do.

And rather than revolving a balance on a credit card, payments are structured either as a single payment a few weeks later, or as an installment loan, with an interest rate clearly stated, as well as the ultimate cost of the loan.

The loan must be paid off in about three to four months, Levchin says.

In addition to co-founding Pay Pal, Levchin has had a string of business successes.