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Dating american vietnamese girl

The persons hold these trays are also carefully chosen, usually they are happily married couples. The groom's family would stop in front of the bride's house.

Deng said they could provide “Guarantee period” and customer would pick another satisfied bride for free within a certain period of time.

And they make sure that the Vietnamese bride is from a respectable family.

The company contacts directly with the local “support mother” in Vietnam.

Vietnamese bride had attracted mass reports in domestic media, Before, people who bought Vietnamese brides are mainly from Guangdong, Shenzhen and Fujian provinces, but now Hangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo and other places saw more customers, so they set up a branch office in Yuyao after the Chinese Spring Festival.

Aiming at single men in China and poor women in Vietnam, this market cake is becoming bigger and bigger with the expansion of these two types of people in China and Vietnam.

Some days before the wedding, they will visit the bride and her family with round lacquered boxes known as betrothal presents.

It composes of areca nuts and betel leaves, tea, cake, fruits, wines and other delicacies which covered with red cloth and carried by unmarried girls or boys.

Normally, both bride and groom or their parents go to the fortuneteller to see what date and time is best for them.