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Amish online dating prank

One company provides parents with a spreadsheet to keep track of who to invite and gives hints about what to include, including an address that works in a GPS.

Every Amish community has its own traditional menus.

The wedding itself and the core traditions, however, remain the same.

Johnson-Weiner shared her research during a talk at Elizabethtown College.

She was caught up in her own daughter’s wedding planning and began looking into Amish weddings.

The professor of anthropology at State University of New York-Potsdam discovered weddings that are rooted in tradition but undergoing changes, just like the community.“While observing the Lancaster Amish wedding season up close, I began to realize how much the wedding ceremony reveals about the Amish community itself,” she said.

In more progressive settlements they might invite many people from several church districts and maybe even some English friends.

One mother of the bride shared on her blog that she expected to provide 1,000 meals for her wedding guests.

Communities less dependent on farming have the space for many more families. Johnson-Weiner said she’s talked to people who have gone to four weddings in one week.