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Naked girl pictures with texting no cams

The article details her efforts to have the photo removed, first by contacting the man who posted the snap, and then by contacting Facebook.

There is an exemption to the Data Protection Acts for the purposes of art or journalism – otherwise, it’s hard to see how any kind of photo-journalism could exist – but a website devoted to ridiculing women (and only women, interestingly enough) who eat on public transport is unlikely to avail of this public interest defence.

Privacy tends not to arise when you’re in a public place (though the rule is not quite that simple.

Naomi Campbell won a breach of privacy case against the Daily Mirror for photos snapped as she entered a Narcotic Anonymous meeting – a public place, yes, but an occasion where it was reasonable to expect some privacy).

She was under 18 and therefore committing an offence of distributing an indecent image of a child – even though she was the child in question.

If you have ever been scrolling through your camera roll looking at your selfies, only to come across a strange picture of something you have no recollection taking – you are not alone.

We might start by not passing on media made without the subject’s consent.

Your naked selfie could end up being shared on social media, or passed around the entire school/uni/workplace.

People around the world have been complaining on Twitter about strange pictures appearing on their phones.