Start Updating my mcafee account information

Updating my mcafee account information

To add Active Directory permissions to NSX Manager select the Domains tab, and click the green plus symbol to add the LDAP details.

MOVE Agentless Anti Virus safeguards virtualised environments using advanced malware protection; integrating real-time threat intelligence with security management whilst offloading all on-access scanning to a dedicated service virtual machine.

After configuring NSX Manager restart the VMware v Sphere Web Client on the v Center Server the NSX Manager was registered with. Log in to the v Sphere web client and browse to Networking & Security, click NSX Managers and verify the newly deployed NSX Manager is present.

To configure additional permissions select the NSX Manager and click Manage, Users.

Next we need to register the v Center, browse to Menu, Configuration, Registered Cloud Accounts. Ensure VMware v Sphere is selected and input the v Center details.