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Gman66 dating

Yes I've been tested for everything under the sun, correction-we have been- to no avail.

When he finds the proper combination, reward him and he will be controllable in this area whenever you bring it up.

I'm actually trying to get pregnant too and it smells like fish after he discharges.

But it's ok for us to carry dead rotton crap inside ! Being able to sit with my legs crossed indian style in a dress and not sniff ANYTHING is priceless !

Two things can help a little in terms of the man and sparing his feelings.

If a man thinks he is helping and has the chance for more sex he will make a lot of changes.

If your vagina smells nice without him and awful with him - it's him. Garlic, onions, alcohol, smoking, junk food and anything that can make your breath stink can "sour" semen.

I have to get into a tub and wash inside and out ot the vagina, if I dont rinse well inside , I use Dove, it will appear .

So I cant just lay back and chill after sex like guys do, unless I want to puke when I open my legs, and it funks your underwear too ! It's ok only when there is no sperm inside the vagina, but getting a man ,especially an older man to use a rubber is like asking them to sacrifice thier manhood.

And it gets rid of the itches I sometimes get too..

Going to try yogurt before sex one of these times :) Ok I posted almost a year ago.

I didn't stink, he didn't stink -but we stink!