Start Minecraft updating minecraft done loading

Minecraft updating minecraft done loading

We also fixed a nasty item duplication bug and added a few other changes.

Some prehistorics can no longer be tamed by food offerings, but the whip can now be used to tame a wild dinosaur; however most creatures get angry when subjected to this method.

Moods and temperament are still in progress and will be expanded in later updates. Tar Fossils can be obtained from tar droplets, which come from either killing the new Tar Slimes, or gathering tar in a bucket.

One of the complaints we've heard about the last update was how vague it was to get to Anu.

Some of the stone tablets, pictured in this update's banner, have been updated that will hopefully make it more clear what you need to do.

There is a new way to get the worlds off your device in 2.1.

In 2.0 and before you were limited to Dropbox, plus direct SD-Card access (on Android devices only).

Changelog April 4th, 2015 Hello everyone, it's been a long time since the last update and I just want to say thank you all for your patience!

Thanks to the amazing contributions of a few people in the past few months including Wasianish, Rydog and JTGHawk, and Alexthe666, the mod has been able to move forward on the programming side of things and get updates rolling again.

Our plans after this update is to start a port of 7.3 and move directly to Minecraft 1.10 as we transition 1.7.10 to maintenance only before stopping 1.7.10 support all together.

There are many more changes in this update, we highly recommend checking out the changelog for a complete look!

Like always, be sure to back up your world before updating!