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While the Polish comics industry may not be as internationally recognised as that of the US or the Francophone countries, it certainly has its own share of writers and artists creating world-class comics.

Their most memorable exploits are captured in the comic series Kajtek i Koko w kosmosie (Kajtek and Koko in Space).

The comics were also published in a 700-page compilation.

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Historical comics The first Polish comics date back to the early 20th century, when the country regained its independence.

There were a number of publications for kids, in both newspaper and album form.

The best known were Przygody Koziołka Matołka i małpki Fiki-Miki (The Adventures of Koziołek Matołek and Fiki-Miki the Monkey) by Marian Walentynowicz and Kornel Makuszyński. Following World War II, the communist state initially discouraged the publication of comics as they showed signs of "rotten capitalism".

The best known titles are: Ogniem i mieczem, czyli przygody szalonego Grzesia (With Fire and Sword, or the Adventures of Mad Grzes), Przygody bezrobotnego Frącka (The Adventures of Jobless Frącek).

The best comics of the period can be found in the Dawny komiks polski album series (edited by comics historian, Dr. Comics appearing in the press were avidly read by children.

Fantasy comics made their debut in the 80s thanks to the monthly magazine Fantastyka (later called Nowa Fantastyka).

They proved to be so popular that the publisher decided to release magazines solely featuring comics.

Komiks and Fantastyka - Komiks is where the classics of Polish comics appeared: science-fiction comics like Funky Koval and fantasy such as Wiedźmin (the Witcher, based on the novels by Andrzej Sapkowski).