Start Illinois college dating sites

Illinois college dating sites

If the test is taken multiple times, ICO will evaluate the most recent score.

We are looking for well-rounded, highly motivated, passionate candidates- not just top academic performers.

Many of these traits are explored during Interview Day.

Contact your college’s financial aid department about the grants you’ll receive.

Many other scholarships and grants are available, as well.

Representative trying to register on-site for programs to which they have not been invited to attend may find themselves being turned away.

Thank you for considering an education at the largest, most popular optometry college in the United States.

Chicago, IL 60611 Phone: 800-232-2159 Your evaluators must submit letters via Optom CAS.

If they choose to include a written letter, it must be on official letterhead.

As long as you have taken the Optometry Admission Test by ICO’s application deadline of your desired year of entry and successfully completed all academic requirements by August of your desired year of entry, you may apply.

Again, we encourage you to apply early, even if it means sending these materials later on in the application process.

Your test must be completed by the application deadline of Feb. If you change your OAT testing date after you submit your ICO application, please contact Admissions immediately.